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Cam Soda promise that “.”By using Natural Language Processing technology and machine learning, Cam Soda claims that Cardi-Bot will also be able to converse with users and engage in ‘dirty talk’ — live in real time on webcam over the Internet for free once a week.

This gives users who would not otherwise be able to afford it, the chance to experience this titillating Turing test, with camming sessions accessible on both desktop and mobile devices via the Cam Soda website.

We have finance bots delivering personal financial services from your bank.

Health bots dealing with your health and no end of customer care bots.

Siri was a Godsend, as it never tired of answering his questions.

Far from isolating Gus, Siri was a companion and lifeline.

The appropriation of Raunch Culture by makers of robots is an interesting one because of the chosen context and type of dance movements and appears to follow on from the commodification of African-American vernacular dance further developed within the sex industry and now in robotics.

His mother was grateful as it helped both herself and Gus deal with his condition.

Gus started to articulate more clearly to be understood and Siri proved to be a non-judgemental friend and teacher. There is an assumption that ‘social’ in learning, always means one human being talking to another or others.

The Georgia Tech tutor bot not only passed this test, the students put it up for a teaching award.

Google Duplex has successfully executed bot calls to a restaurant and hairdressers, completing appointments.

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