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To be honest, I took a lot of pleasure watching pornographic films at the beginning of my adolescent sexuality.

Maybe they see the world through a more beautiful lens than I do. But over the years, I realized that the professional productions were far from reality. Then we (my man and I) discovered Pornhub and its many homemade videos and we became big consumers. In a seductive nature, adoring the exhibitionist aspect of it, we decided to try to make videos - and we take great pleasure in it. Has your opinion about porn changed since you started making it?

Or maybe they just take more time to appreciate the beauty around all of us. Or it might mean finding beauty in simple, everyday things - like making love to your partner. It started very slowly but in a seductive and exhibitionist way - it is enjoyable to know that many people will see your videos.

Unlike big porn stars who are generally inaccessible, I think I'm a much more accessible person who loves to chat with my fans (the respectful ones, that is).

I am, above all, a human being with an unbridled sexuality like many women.

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