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“I’m talking a thorough, scientific analysis based on everything that we look for in a woman.” Later, he’d say that he was joking, but it was already too late.My mind began racing and my fingers began typing, as I watched old episodes yet again and went through detailed breakdowns of every episode.reruns on TBS and my local stations as I do brand new shows, despite the fact that I’ve seen every episode dozens of times and constantly quote them when I’m telling stories to my dog. Even the 75th viewing of “The Serenity Now” is still funnier than anything that has ever happened on , and I try to rationalize a lot of what happened to Jerry and the gang as if it happened in real life.How many ways would Joe Davola have chopped up Kramer’s body once he kicked him in the head?Kavorka Score: 3.5 49) Gwen “The Strike” The “Two Face” was the only of Jerry’s girlfriends that actually scared me.

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50) Amy “The Glasses” I’m sure the Breaking Bad faithful would want Anna Gunn to get a little more credit on this list, but Amy barely scores well in any of the categories, mainly because she could be confused for an overweight cop kissing a horse that looked like Cousin Jeffrey.

Kavorka Score: 5.01 46) Jeannie “The Foundation” Janeane Garafolo’s character was the female version of Jerry, and while we certainly loved watching him each week, it’s clear that Jerry was a horrible human being.

In all, Jeannie was a pretty average entrant in this battle, but her lack of compassion keeps her on the lower end.

Kavorka Score: 4.7 48) Sheila “The Soup Nazi” That’s a zero on the Personality factor for any adult woman who uses cutesy nicknames in my book, and it should be a negative score for convincing the man to do it as well.

Realistically, Sheila was Jerry’s lowest point in terms of his dating life.

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