Sedating animals

It will be her home-away-from-home while she’s in transit, so the more it feels and smells like home, the more relaxed she will be.

Your veterinarian may recommend one of several prescription medications for specific or severe anxiety.

Sedated animals lose muscle control and cannot maintain their balance.

Sedatives make them mentally woozy too, so they become confused.

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They accidentally (or even deliberately) forget their indoor manners and obedience lessons.But nail trims and periodic exams are important for continued good health and safety.Sedation can help calm pets so the handling can proceed.Cats have unique facial pheromones they use to mark their property.Products that reproduce pheromones or mimic their effects may help reduce your pet’s anxiety. It’s never a good idea to administer anything to your dog or cat without first discussing the options with your veterinarian.

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