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Q/A - Buffy Anne Halliwell - I had forgotten about Paige and her hangover cures when I was working on Beer Bad. Phoebe nods, "More or less.""Well, what did you say? Honey, we can't have a demon in the family." Piper says."You say that now after I was dating a vampire." Buffy says."Piper, that is the least of my concerns right now." Phoebe says. If you decide to go through with this, it's gonna be a source of huge concerns. "Just as I am sure it would have been for you Buffy if you had continued with Angel."Buffy sighs, "I know.""I have to be concerned with my own concerns." Phoebe says as Buffy and Piper sits down next to her. "Hey."Phoebe smiles, "Hey."Buffy smiles, "Hey, Cole. " Piper asks."You told me to rent one, so I did." Paige says.

Of course I forgot about Paige entirely in that chapter. "I love Cole, you two know I do, but demon stuff aside, I never thought of myself as the marrying type. Buffy shakes her head, "She didn't think that you could.

"Now is really not the time.""Oh, it's too bad Cole can't check it out.

""Fringe," Buffy says."And she hadn't complained about any disgruntled friends, co-workers, ex-boyfriends? "If you think of anything else at all, please, don't hesitate to call."Woman nods.

When Joyce dies Buffy is left in the care of her cousins. They use them in parenting classes all the time.""Wow, it sounds so real." Phoebe says."And so annoying. It'll stop crying if you just hold it." Paige says."But I don't want to." Piper says."Come on, just try it. I know how to hold a baby, that is not the issue, thank you." Piper says as Phoebe lets go."Just give it a shot.

Pairings: Prue, Piper, and Phoebe (and later Paige) canon pairings. A/U Set during and after Charmed Season 1 and Buffy season 1. I mean, with all my power of premonition and I never saw that one coming." Phoebe says."Uh, wow, I-I don't think a witch is allowed to marry a demon. Phoebe shrugs, "I don't know.""Well, you're gonna have to tell him something because a question like that doesn't go away by itself." Piper says."Are you sure? Piper nods, "Yeah, I'm pretty sure."They laugh as Cole shimmer in. Come on, Piper." She and Piper get up and leave the room. A crying noise is coming out of it."You got a baby? Look, Paige, I appreciate the thought, but we are on a demon hunt and the last thing I want to do is protect a fake baby." Piper says."Oh, really? If it doesn't work I will take it back, I promise." Paige says.

" Paige asks."Man called 911 from that pay phone, reported he found a body." Darryl says.

Joyce was born Patience Joyce Halliwell she was Prue, Piper and Phoebe's aunt. Paige smiles, "Piper and Leo wanted to try out having a baby before actually having one, so I got them a mechanical baby. Your instincts were to save it.""My instincts were to shut it up." Piper says."The doll has a sensor. "Okay, now you just rock it gently." She helps Piper rock it."Phoebe? Leo nods, "Yeah, the police found her body at the Canon Theatre.""Well, we should go there and see what we can find out." Buffy says.

"Piper shakes her head, "No, you didn't, and no we aren't.""Really? Not to be nosey but I'm going to be an aunt and all." Paige says. " Paige asks."Leo thinks that there's enough magic around here we'd be able to protect it." Piper says."Maybe he's right." Paige says. But for what it's worth, there are ways of seeing what it's like before you actually have one.""Mm-hmm, great. "Thanks, Buffy."Later Phoebe and Cole walk in from the front door, covered in slime."Don't you think we should talk about this? I'll, uh, go see what I can find out." Cole says and he shimmers out."Honey, did you two have a fight? Apparently he feeds on the remains of other demons victims. ""Well, that explains why we scryed for him accidentally." Piper sats.

Well, the next time you pass a baby rental, pick one up for Leo." Piper says. Phoebe continues to flip through the book."Hey are you gonna tell me what happened out there?

Piper nods, "Maybe the victim's friend.""Only one way to find out." Buffy says."Buffy, fringe, okay? Carrie was a beautiful person, everyone loved her."ADA takes a business card out and hands it to her.

We have to figure out who else is in it." Phoebe says.

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