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Some nice fruit juice, light honey, quince compote… Perhaps not surprisingly the audience were somewhat Barbican-restrained but (full hall – all seats sold) they were clearly having a wonderful time (including one of the world’s leading experts on intellectual property law, who I bumped into in the gents.Ah – the unifying power of rock and roll) relishing the wit and wryness of Lowe’s lyrics, the remarkable rhythm that he drives through the evening, his infectious passion for his music and general good humour, and his occasional classic rock star poses (yes, I suppose I must mention the quiff at this point).It then gets very lemony and tary again, on green lemon, lemon grass…The finish is very long, on a perfect cocktail of smoky lemon juice with pepper.

The resulting feeling is the same sense of well being an adult gets from consuming alcohol in the traditional manner, only milder. ) Now, if memory serves, both John Steed and Mrs Peel were drinking Cognac and Champagne, weren't they? The Brora 30 yo OB bottled 2004 and the new Ardbeg single cask for France enter the Top Ten of the recent bottlings (bottled 1995 and later) while the Caol Ila 15 yo OB 'Bulloch & Lade' enters the Top Ten for the old bottlings (bottled before 1995). Recommended listening - Queen of talk over Ursula Rucker does Time - mp3 with the band 4 Hero. The nose is really beautiful with a superb peat, very refined and elegant. Very creamy and flowery, rounded, with no traces of peat. It’s true that Laphroaig 30 yo OB has only 6ppm left, that is (instead of around 16ppm in the 10yo, I believe). (Soon to be bottled, Signatory straight from the cask) This one has been finished for 8 months in a cask from Château Pontet-Canet (Pauillac near Bordeaux). The nose is very woody, in a nice way, with some varnish, turpentine. But tonight intimacy is restored at the Barbican as the Nickster is solo (unplugged, as they say, despite all the plugs) for about two thirds of his set, before he is joined on stage by outstanding grand slam pianist and long-time collaborator Geraint Watkins.) This one is very heavily sherried, with quite some sulphur and rubber. A very good one again, nicely balanced and enjoyable. This one is very flowery and fresh, with a light character typical of this kind of distillation. Lots of chestnut honey, with some great smoky notes and some herbs, parsley… What's sure is that a rich and beautiful girl didn't seem to bother with Seagram's VO in the sixties...Then you get the typical cocoa powder, together with some interesting meaty notes. Yeah well, I'm kinda lost here but all I know is that I like Ursula Rucker very much, and I hope you like her too. – Recommended listening - American folk rock band Camper van Beethoven plays a nice and fresh Sweet hearts - mp3 with an Eddie Jobson-esque violin in the background. Some wax, light honey, nectar, with some hints of old papers. Blues - Recommended listening: did you know there are many excellent blues bands in Slovakia? Then try Blues o domove - mp3 by Stara Jedalen (a whole new dimension! Young and fruity, on cereals and white fruits, watermelon, white peach. As far as I can remember my first intimate moment with Nick Lowe went like this.A few drops of water make the nose much more mineral, on wet stone and chalk. I already had this one and liked it a lot (91 points). )Recommended listening: hey hey, lots of success for Liquid Soul and Herbie Hancock! The mouth gets fruitier, with a salty tang, but the peat sort of vanishes. This time I found it to be quite closed and not too expressive, but I’m sure the Mortlach we had just before sort of killed it. I'm glad to hear that some other malt aficionados like speedy 'funk-soul-fusion jazz' just like me.

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