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Still seeking a way to express her feelings to Karasuma, Tenma takes an idea from her favorite television series, The Three Who Were Slashed.She writes a letter and attaches it to an arrow, which will then be fired to land near Karasuma, so he can read her message without Tenma having to go through the embarrassment of presenting it to him.Tenma has a sleepover with her friends Akira, Eri and Mikoto.Together they talk about love and the successful ways someone might express their feelings.During breaktime, Tenma goes to use the toilets, but is startled to see Karasuma outside.

However, he boards the wrong coach, and to his embarrassment, finds himself being fussed over by a shipment of grannies from an old people's home.At the start of the new school year, Tenma wishes with all her heart to be placed in the same class as Karasuma so she can one day express her love to him.Her wish is granted, but she is devastated to find out that Karasuma is about to move abroad.When Tenma inadvertently breaks exam protocol during an important test, Harima decides to win her affection with a heroic gesture-- handing in his own test in the place of her disqualified one.Unfortunately, he scores zero marks, and the gesture is completely lost on Tenma.

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