Sandisk m240 updating

The only way to delete corrupted files is to destroy the whole file system on flash.

On next boot the player will create its own files system FAT(32) again.

I've had no problem loading and listening to music, but we have no interest in that.

Does anyone have any suggestions before I return this m240 to the store? Do I have a dud, in which case I could try another m240?

If there is a corrupted file on flash, the firmware runs into an endless loop and the player will be inaccessible.

My Player stopped working after I have copied a MP3 file with an included cover picture to the flash.

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We've downloaded a half-dozen books (1 at a time, ranging 53-157MB) in WMA (CD-quality) format, all of which play on a PC running either Windows Media Player 10 or 11 on Windows-XP Pro (the download machine) as well as WMP-9 on Windows 2000 Pro/SP4.Should I try another model of player (like a Creative Zen V Plus)?Or should I just get my money back and listen through the laptop? I bought an m240 for my wife to listen to audiobooks from Net Library.Connection problems and screen problems can usually be resolved by downloading and installing the most recent firmware for your player model.Fix the problem of unlabeled songs on the player by adding details to song files before transferring them to the device.

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