Russian orthodox dating customs

Effectively, the highest level of authority in the Russian Orthodox Church is held by the Local Council, a group comprised of all the bishops and archbishops of the church in addition to representatives of the clergy and the people.The Council is directly responsible for matters of the faith, although it does not convene full time.

Gold is the color most strongly associated with the Heavenly Kingdom, and Russian Orthodox churches are typically topped by golden domes.This should not be misinterpreted as meaning that an individual becomes God, but rather part of the divine nature by a union with the savior.The Russian Orthodox Church is a self-governing body of the Orthodox faith, in full communion with other autocephalous churches.Imbued with the Eastern tradition, Russian Orthodox services differ greatly from their Western counterparts.While many Western churchgoers remain seated during the majority of the service, in the Russian Orthodox tradition it is common for the congregation to remain standing during the proceedings.

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