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He wanders into a pub close to his Primrose Hill residence without airs or graces, in slacks, T-shirt and hooded all-weather jacket.Lunch is a sandwich grabbed from the deli across the road.

I never inhaled a chemical after 1977, but I’m still inhaling America.” He is incredibly knowledgeable about blues, its African source and subsequent American tributaries and European tangents, conversation digressing down geographical and historical avenues, the slave trade, the culture of Louisiana, the electrification of country blues, and its near cosmic power when first heard in Britain. I tuned into a subculture running parallel to my shiny grammar-school life.

That means the way you play either has to be tempered according to that, or in my case, I couldn’t give a hoot. I just keep trying to open up the inside of, I suppose, a combined gift.

Because the band and myself have sort of got this thing going on, which is really powerful.

When I found that wallet, I found a map of my life.

Unbelievable.” Robert Plant and his latest ensemble, the Sensational Space Shifters, headline Bluesfest at the Royal Albert Hall on October 31. It’s a very commodious condition because everybody feels it from time to time. I’m 65, I’m loaded with it.” Plant has a poetic turn of phrase that is a delight to listen to in his soft, just faintly perceptible Black Country accent.

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