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In front of the main entrance is the word HAVE, meaning welcome, spelled out in the footway with fragments of coloured marble.A small vestibule opens onto the fauces (a) (pictured right) which has a richly decorated floor consisting on small triangular pieces of coloured marble and slate.A copy of the mosaic has now been placed in situ while the original can be seen in the National Archaeological Museum in Naples.The cubiculum (n) was decorated in the second style and contained the remains of two beds.

The fauces is decorated in the first style to a height of about 2.5 metres.

The explanation for this stratigraphic anomaly is to be found in the presence of a tunnel, below the lying position of the body and presumably dating to the Bourbon era, whose caving in led to the slippage and collapse of part of the upper stratigraphy, but not of the stone block, which is still located in the original stratigraphy.

His death was presumably not, therefore, due to the impact of the stone block, as initially assumed, but likely to asphyxia caused by the pyroclastic flow.

The grouping of the combatants, the characterization of the individual figures, the skill with which the expressions have been captured and the delicacy of the colouring give the picture a high rank among ancient works of art.

Patterns of wear on the mosaic suggest how it might have been viewed by guests of the house.

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