Re os isotopic dating of molybdenites

The Re-Os isotope system, based on its unusual qualities, has been widely used on the dating and tracing in the geoscience and geochemistry.

As a reflection of the international development of the Re-Os isotope geochemistry, Chinese geoscientists have also done a large quantity of work in this research field.

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(2002, in press,) reported the Re-Os data for Chinese mantle-derived peridotite xenoliths determined in the University of Maryland, USA, collaborated with American scientists.The Re and Os contents of 5 samples of molybdenites are 303-822 ppm and 208-4288 ppb respectively, then the Re-Os model age is 476-521 Ma, but this age is quite different from the lithogenetic and metallogenetic ages of the deposits.In addition, also reported another molybdenite from Wunuketushan Cu-Mo ore deposits, the Re and Os contents are 50.9 ppm and 81 ppb Wu and Zou (1997) reported that the Re-Os isotope age of molybdenites from Chenmenshan Cu ore deposits, Jiangxi Province.The refractory xenoliths with minimally depleted Os, however, suggest the addition of much younger, Phanerozoic lithospheric mantle.The lack of any xenoliths with Archean model ages in the SCLM underlying the NCC, sampled by this study, suggests that the original SCLM underlying the NCC block has been largely removed.

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