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Since all this happened on ABC’s General Hospital, true love won out: Malandro’s Felicia Cummings returned to Wagner’s Frisco Jones, much to the delight of the soap’s fans.

But unbeknownst to all but a few of the actors’ close friends, romance was blooming in the real world as well.

Jack, 36, has a less romantic vision of their life together with Peter, now 5, and Harrison, who turns 1 on Dec. “He should be a standup comedian,” says Josie Bissett (who plays Jane Mancini). I keep calling [producer] Aaron Spelling and saying, ‘Jack here. I’ve only got four or five scenes a show.’ And he goes, ‘Jack who? Born in Washington, Mo., the son of Peter Wagner, a car salesman who died in 1990, and his wife, Scotty (“she’s alive and well and still 28,” says Jack), he took up golf at age 10 and spent his teen years planning on becoming a pro.

“He makes me laugh so hard I can’t even do scenes.” This may be part of his plan. Performing on stage was just an extracurricular activity for him at the local St. “He has always been an entertainer,” says his friend Jim Powers, a former teacher at St; Gertrude who is now his personal manager.

The couple have two sons together: Peter and Harrison.

IN 1989, KRISTINA MALANDRO FACED A terrible dilemma.

“Fifty young guys all thought they were going to be Jack Nicklaus,” he says. In frustration, he auditioned for the drama program—and won a full scholarship. “I decided that I have much more control over what I do on stage,” says Jack, “than whether or not my golf ball goes out-of-bounds when it hits a tree.” The day after graduating in 1982, Wagner drove to Los Angeles, where he found work as a tour guide at Universal Studios while auditioning for parts.After a brief stint in the shortlived cable-TV soap A New Day in Eden, he won the role of Frisco Jones—and met Kristina.“We had this scene where we fell into a bathtub together,” Jack recalls.In 1984, Wagner got her big break when she was cast as Felicia Cummings on General Hospital, appearing in the role on a contract basis until 2003.After a brief departure, she returned to the series in a recurring capacity in 2004.

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