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Also included are three print-drawings made with powdered pigment, a grainy link to the installation, and a series of small mountain views, photographed in silvery black-and-white and exhibited in silver frames. Her “O2 — Intersections of Nature” features both precise paintings and unruly drawings, but nearly all begin with the shapes of trunks, branches and leaves.

Characteristically, the pictures juxtapose alpine beauty with ecological devastation. Even the few humans portrayed in this Studio Gallery show nestle and overlap in a profusion that suggests vegetation.

(The analysis surveyed more than 19 million Americans who claim to be single, and found 20,000 unique words.) He placed each word on a giant map at the place it’s used more frequently than anywhere else in the country.

Paul Brown: Process, Chance, and Serendipity: Art That Makes Itself and R.

Friskiness and a strong sense of form distinguish Katie Garth’s “Reservoir,” which enticingly arrays simple, discrete shapes.What would happen if you analyzed the online dating profiles of 19,095,414 single Americans?Based on one man's experiment, you'd discover which places are the kinkiest, loneliest, happiest, most virginal, and more. Luke Du Bois recently joined 21 dating sites in order to create his own "census of the United States." He proceeded to analyze the profiles of over 19 million single users and tracked how frequently any of 20,262 unique words occurred in their profiles.Hatfield presents a similar contrast with a rusted metal barrel whose cavelike interior is prettily illuminated with twinkling pinpoint lights. Le Guin poem, the converted industrial relic offers a symbolic view into past and future, interior and exterior, mine shaft and cosmos. The most arresting of the pictures, rendered with charcoal, are hardly pastoral.Caroline Hatfield: Unearthing Through July 15 at Target Gallery, 105 N. Levie depicts such phenomena as an “exploding tree” — according to one title — with vigor, a free hand and dynamic contrasts of light and dark.

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