Querying and updating active directory using c

Note: the immutable Id value cannot contain spaces or the $ symbol.Note: customers using the Microsoft Dir Sync tool, will automatically have sync’ed Azure AD Users’ immutable Id property populated – Dir Sync writes this value as the base64 encoded value of the on-premises object Guid.Because of this, it can be a poor starting point if you are new to Infinispan.

querying and updating active directory using c-87

Give Use Feedback We will be updating our sample applications to show some of the above mentioned features in the new version: in an upcoming post, we will include code snippets showing how to use these new capabilities.

Note: Removing multiple members is not supported at this time. Managing Group Owners How do you find a Group’s owner?

Easy - the following will return the Group's owner: GET https://Graph.windows.net/contoso.com/groups/02a8a087-a371-43f9-94df-cf0f654de307/owners? And in case you missed it in my previous blog post, you can specify sort order for user lists, by either the display Name or user Principal Name property. Additional Differential Query features Differential Queries can now return only updated properties and links – this allows faster processing and reduced payloads for Differential Query calls.

For example, regular employees can be identified by user Type = “Member”, and guest accounts associated with vendors, consultants or temporary workers, could be have user Type = “Guest” . Support for User Licensing This action was first available under a preview version (api-version=2013-04-10-preview) and is now officially supported in the “2013-11-08” release.

This method allows assignment and removal of a subscription for any provisioned user account.

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