Push and pull dating game

Imagine this scenario: You love someone but they push you away and want you to leave.So you leave and as soon as you do, they fight tooth and nail to get you back.We all know this story in some form, and we continue to analyze it, trying to determine responsibility.Placing blame is the easiest way to find a way to live with the pain of unrequited desire.The partner who is the pusher and the puller is nice on the way in and nice on the way out.However, just when you believe you are settled, they create self-motivated drama that drives you away.When you find yourself having grown past that catalyst, know that now is time to grow away and grow on.

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They will say things that sound very charming and alluring about the longevity of the relationship and about unconditional love.Their marriages are the ones where everything looks great on the outside, shiny and new, and then there is the real story that comes out once the healthy partner has to run for their life.If you find yourself in this situation with your partner and you love them, I highly recommend that you both go to counseling so that your partner can begin to catch on that they are causing the push and pull that goes on. We think it is normal because it is so common, but in reality, it is a catalyst to grow us.Here are some ideas to ease the pendulum swings and follow your heart to balance in love.We all remember the late evening strategy sessions with friends, the endless tracking of who called first, the weighing in of when it was ok to call back, how to show you were interested but not too interested.

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