Pros and cons of dating a fireman

I find urban cops way nicer and less likely to wig out over something minor, because they actually have crime to fight. I used to work as a corrections officer, and the hidden danger of that and police work is stress, and shift work.Shift work in any job lessens your life expectancy, now add being in a stressful environment.You may get sued for for arresting someone, and it will eat away at you, because if the judgement isnt in your favor, you would lose everything you cherish (your job, cars, house). You never lose a complaint case against you, unless you were extremely stupid and arrogant to begin with.It's great being a Police Officer: you can get away with things no other person can get away with.

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Cops are trained to believe that anyone and everyone could be dangerous to you, even seemingly normal people with little to no motivation to do harm.So I am getting ready to enter Police Academy in april, but I hear the hiring situation is very grim.I have always wanted to be an officer, but I am second guessing it for my personal safety. You wear that badge for 8-10 hours a day and 4-5 days a week.They're trained to know how easy it is to conceal and quickly use weaponry of all types and to be paranoid about it.They read case reports of "nice-guy" cops who don't want to bother some one with a pat down and end up getting shot or stabbed in the face because of it.

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