Pro anorexia dating

Then, unexpectedly, Michael was turned down for the role and began running again to calm his anxiety.As his weight dropped, I recognized the signs and contacted the unit.Fortunately, I never found any and, as he got stronger, his sense of humour returned and we grew closer once more.

Michael has now gone from daily attendance at the clinic to just one day a fortnight. Although a recent bone scan showed he is suffering from the early stages of osteoporosis – brought on by his eating disorder – this is now being managed by bone-density drugs.

This was particularly distressing as we had been planning to start a family. Every time I tried to talk to Michael about his training, or his increasingly restrictive diet – less than 1,000 calories a day, mostly egg-white omelettes or raw broccoli – he changed the subject. I dreaded the supermarket, where Michael would become controlling, buying zero-fat milk and cutting out butter.

At 6ft 1in, he weighed only 10 stone -2 stone lighter than his normal weight.

Rebecca thought she knew everything about her partner Michael, but he was hiding a devastating secret.

Here, they both describe how his eating disorder rocked their relationship…

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