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It was constructed during the late colonial era with brick walls and a green tiled roof, and was consecrated in 1949.

Directly across the roundabout from the Basilica is the Maison du Peuple, the seat of local government.

The railyards of the Congo-Ocean Railway border Poto-Poto to the south.

To the north lies the district of Moungali, an extension of the arrondissement of Poto-Poto (sometimes referred to as "Poto-Poto Deux") but in recent decades a large and mostly residential neighborhood in its own right.

The center of the neighborhood is dominated by a market, one of Brazzaville's largest.

Since the 1990s Poto-Poto, like most other neighborhoods of Brazzaville, has been home to numerous small but boisterous evangelical churches of all denominations.

Poto-Poto was originally demarcated by French colonizers in 1909, to the northeast of the central part of town (simply called la ville in French) which was reserved for white residents only.

Attractive woman playing in the ocean in Praia do Forte beach, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil Atttractive Brazilian on the beach.There are also at least six mosques, including the Masjid al-Sunna (or Sunni Mosque) on Rue Bacongo, which is the largest mosque in Congo and holds nearly 2000 worshippers; its construction was entirely financed by members of Brazzaville's West African immigrant population.Finally, the Hotel Marimar (named for a popular 1994 Mexican telenovela starring Thalía) rises majestically above Avenue de la Paix and welcomes a discerning clientele from throughout the city, most of whom arrive without luggage and do not spend the night.Woman enjoying the beach in Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco, Brazil Woman enjoying the beach in brazil.Woman enjoying the beach in Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco, Brazil Enjoying the beach in Brazil.

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