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Page 2 Bhutto Swiss accounts frozen Swiss bank accounts belonging to Pakistan’s ex-premier Benarir Bhutto, her husband Asif All Zar- dari and her mother Nusrat Bhutto have been frozen in con- nection. Page 20 Qussn acts ovsr rumours: Buckingham Palace took an unprecedented step by publicly denying that Prince Charles had exerted pressure on the Queen over funeral arrangements for Diana, Princess of Wales.Page 12 Dam nomi na ted far pr — I deal Fanner Eurovision Song Contest winner Dana secured a nomina- tion for next month’s Irish presi- dential election.Page 4 Da tolor Bon a, Germany’s biggest industrial group, Is con- sliiwing plana to y TI nwly part of Temic, its struggling microelec- tronics divlsionfor which it is seeking a buyer.Page 23 Wort a , Spam’s national airline, formalised a deal on route code- sharing and frequent flyer pro- grammes with American Air- lines.Page 21 By Lionel Barber and Michael Smith In Brussels The European Union's plans to admit new members from central and eastern Europe ran into more obstacles yesterday after Belgium, France and Italy demanded streamlining of insti- tutions and decision-making before enlargement goes ahead.Tha move came at a meeting of BU foreign ministers in Brussels which saw Germany and Spain dash over the costs of enlarge- ment."We cannot have people being punished for the efforts they have made [to catch up with the richer]," he said.But Klaus Kink el, German for- eign minister, said there could be no new money for enlargement.

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Page 25 Wootingbouaa Bactrfe moved closer to completing its corporate break-up after agreeing to sell its refrigerated transportation busi- ness to Ingersoll-Rand for 6bn.Page 21 Sara Lee, the food and consumer products group, said it W»s mnstdering a p rngra imnp of asset sales and cost cuts designed to raise about bn over the next three years.Chief executive John Bryan said the ahn was to “reshape" the company.P ro f— o r hold In China Taiwanese university professor Cheng-chen is being detained in Chrnn for allegedl y stea ling trade secrets when visiting a friend in Beijing.PC problem aohrad T * New Zealand teenager Nicholas Johnson, 14, says he has invented software that cures older per- sonal commuters of the “millen- Markets i Hsi ; 1 ks S Borealis gains stronger hold on plastics output across Europe Borealis, the petrochemical joint venture between Neste of Fin- land and Norway’s Statdl, stepped up the speed of consoli- dation in the plastics industry with a series of deals that will cemen t its position as Europe’s leading producer.

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