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She prefers the way nurses are trained at SIT saying, “In China, you just follow the doctor’s instructions and aren’t required to do much in the way of critical thinking”.

In New Zealand, a lot more practical training is given and it is more hands on, which she enjoys.

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Mia’s work routine now includes taking care of elderly patients, creating nursing care plans, informing the care workers how to provide appropriate care to the residents and providing quality life care for end of life patients.By choosing SIT, you will get the best of both worlds.Not only will you gain a challenging academic education, you will also gain real-world experience thanks to our strong links with industry and employers.Her future plans include applying for New Zealand residency and at some stage going on to complete post graduate study.With almost 20 years’ experience working for an international oil company in Zimbabwe in roles including operations, accounts and customer services, Patience has managed accounts for fuel (petrol, diesel and Jet A1) and lubricants customers.

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