Playstation 3 updating problems

I have remote play install on both My Galaxy phone and Nvidia shield and it works fine on them both. Ps4 what a load of chap, games are excellent, but this whole online update is just so old an rubbish, I’m sick of regular updates, sick can’t play games from disc without huge updates, takes days even over decent Internet, worst of all you guys new all about this and pushed out a tiny 500GB HD , then had the cheek to offer a 1TB HD and that still won’t hold more than 20 games, jeez Sony get a grip on your situation, sort it out, I got like 60 games an growing, why the he’ll should I spend loads to upgrade my HD just to play games from disc I paid retail price on?And your online shop sucks, at least offer downloaded games at 30% discount, but no, you guys are really sucking alot in many departments where you should be excelling. The hardware is old, and the system is on it’s last legs.just thought i should mention that What I would like to see them do is add remote play to the android market.I know they don’t want to do as many devices don’t work with the ps4 pad but it works fine on other devices.

Remote Play on PC / Mac is compatible with the following system software: You can use one Dual Shock 4 as the controller for Remote Play, which needs to be connected to your PC / Mac via a USB cable.

I am wandering if anybody has a way of getting it to update?

I am able to use the console perfectly but it won't update meaning I cannot play online with mates.

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