Paula white dating now

Her own son, Bradley, became part of the family as well, of course.

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In 2007, the US Senate, this time, ordered an investigation, the Grassley investigation into their ministry and their finances, which ended in 2011 with no penalties levied on them.In my zeal to succeed as a minister, I worked as if I were driven, going almost night and day. Lowry as an associate minister, while also working as a traveling evangelist. Soon the church began to grow quickly through the various outreach programs.But the congregation's difficulties were resolved, and the church's growth broke all attendance records in my state." Afterward, Randy was hired by Dr. From 1991 to 1998, the church changed locations three times until they secured the property located at 2511 North Grady Avenue in Tampa, Florida and changed the name of the church to Without Walls International Church.In 1984, she became drawn to the gospel and church and turned Christian. In 1989, she met Randy White who was an evangelist of the Church of God. Paula and Randy first met in a church where he was volunteering as a janitor.A friendship developed between the two and after dating for some months, Paula accepted Randy’s proposal of marriage less than a year after they met.

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