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As a result of their ongoing deliberations they hope to contact every Province throughout the Island of Ireland and bring their jewel offering to a much wider audience.

They also plan to send a quantity of their jewels to Molesworth Street, so that Members and Visitors to the building will have an opportunity to acquire a jewel, learn a little about the work of the Committee, and support their ongoing fund raising in the years ahead.

The Rev Walton did not like the existence of Freemasonry, and eventually unearthed a number of old and incomplete rituals for the three Craft Degrees and the Royal Arch Degree, that were current in some Lodges, meeting under the banner of The United Grand Lodge of England.

Hanna was an Anglican Vicar, in the High Church tradition with The Church of England, and his work caused much embarrassment to the then Archbishop of Canterbury Geoffrey Fisher, several senior members of the Royal Family and many, many lower ranking Anglican Clerics.

His book, which is still available on Amazon is a work of great insights, stinging wit and sincerity, which reveals the Craft does indeed have an important role in the world of the 1950’s.

I have no doubt that his arguments and conclusions remain valid right up to the present time.

Committee Treasurer David Wallace set out, in great detail, the workings of the Committee over the past twelve months, dealing with unusual items such as their Centenary Dinner and Dance back in 2017 and the ongoing sale of their commemorative jewels.

As a relatively unknown Charity Fund, the Management Committee finally struck their first fund raising jewel in 2016 and since then, have sold some 369 jewels to Members, Friends and Supporters.And as we have seen in the press recently, the United Grand Lodge of England are now paying the price, for their earlier failure to act.Excitement is really starting to gain momentum as the big Debate on the origins of The Grand Lodge of Westminster approaches closer on our Julian calander.Hanna eventually moved to Canada, and became a Roman Catholic priest, still with strong anti-Masonic views.And as previously noted, he died in Canada in February 1966. Shortly after Hanna’s book appeared in 1952 a detailed response was published, under the title “Light Invisible – The Freemasonry Answer to Darkness Visible”. The author, an Episcopalian clergyman, and a Freemason was a man who was not prepared to be bullied by Church based anti-Masonic bullies.

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