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Neither are they paying for the meals or the nutritionists, or the trainers or the gym-time; the studios pay for it all, often delivering the food to their stars in order to maintain their workout schedules. is 5’8″ and Tom Cruise is 5’7″ – they just appear taller on camera by the magic of apple boxes and convenient ditches.Jason Momoa was eating 56 chicken breasts a they set foot in front of the camera; getting ready for filming usually involves intense dehydration to make those muscles and veins pop, pushing diuretics and sweating out the last drops in order to get that perfect look. What also goes unmentioned is the secret weapon: testosterone and human-growth-hormone injections.

The first was the latest in a long line of Photoshopping scandals.It’s one thing when you’re a writer being paid to do a feature or a CEO who can dictate his own hours and schedule; it’s another when you’re working a standard 8-5 in a cubicle with only a 20 to 30 minute break for lunch and an hour’s commute each way.Those movie stars and models are literally being to work out and eat “clean” – usually at levels that the average joe can never meet.To many men, the lean-yet-jacked look has become de rigueur – the In what seems like a sick parody of gender equity, men hear more and more about fitness “success” stories from other men.Hugh Jackman tweets his workouts to get into superheroic shape with “fitspo” slogans like “if the bar ain’t bending, you ain’t lifting.” Chris Pratt – having gone from chubby schlub to wash-board-ab-bedecked guardian of the galaxy – gets asked over and over about how he achieved his transformation.

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