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Some of these actions that have landed her in the news include accepting ,000 from animal rights organization, PETA, to put a sign on her property that encouraged people to spay and neuter their animal companions so their dogs and cats don't become animal versions of "Octomom" aka herself.

Once, she accepted a phone interview for a San Diego radio station and when asked to recite all of the names of the octuplets, the new mother said that she was really tired and it was too early to do so.

She's a wonderful person, she has a good heart," he said.

Suleman has changed her own statements several times in the past.

Okay, even that is tragic.) TMZ just happened to be at LAX yesterday when the bombshell of the San Gabriel Valley got picked up by her 15th kid: a 23-year-old amateur bodybuilder named Frankie G. Somewhere, Jennifer Love Hewitt is vagazzling the words “FUCK MY LIFE” onto her crotch while deep throating a Pillsbury cookie dough roll.

However, her six older children all have disabilities - one is autistic, another has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and the third a speech impediment.

Can we not mince words here for a second, though, and talk about what the hell this Frankie G person has up his sleeve? I mean, there are so many available D- E- and F-list celebrities out there who’d be willing to show up in public with him a few times here or there (I’m thinking Audrina Patridge, guys) in order to make him “famous.” Where does he think he’s going with the Octomom of all people?

Or would have up his sleeve if he weren’t photographed without his shirt all the time?

These are just some of the many cringe-worthy actions that Octomom claims her children forgive her for. (Source: PETA) Suleman's stories have changed several times throughout the years and it only stands to reason that when there are more people added into the mix, there is a higher chance of other conflicting angles to stories coming out.

In Suleman's case, there are fourteen chances of the media getting fourteen possibly differing opinions on their mother's stories.

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