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I did update a guide I had previously done for the older software versions on the manual method on how to update the corporate directory.

You might be able to follow the guide and find out the details of your cpdir0file to see if it had recently changed.

Firebird Scrambler Nortel & Avaya Meridian 1 / Succession & BCM / Norstar Programmer Website = Well, I wanted to get the automated process to work in UCM.

I really don't want to have to do this manually from now on.

When we add new users to the Call Manager, they will show up in the Corporate directory on users phones, however if we make changes to an exsiting phone line, like we change the directory name, it doesnt show up in the directory. Can someone provide some guidance on how to troubleshoot this issue?

Our corporate directory on the phones won't update. OK I found out what the problem was, I had another administrator go through the tabs for me in the corporate directory and we found that in the upload tab the system wasn't selected.

The template based CS 1000 and Call Pilot provisioning previously performed using Subscriber Manager was added to UPM.

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And cat /u/db/Cp Dir0This will print off the file and let you see your entries.

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So a little workaround can be used to at least get CD working. Get all the users and their extns off of the Telephones interface in Element Manager. Then alter this file to put it in the same format as Corporate directory. eg EM - Phones - Reports Select Default CPND Export the file to your PC. You now have a csv file with all the names and extns.

UCM Network Services - Corporate Directory Export This will let you save a file to your pc. FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME PRIMEDN CUSTOMER DEPARTMENT SYSTEMID From the CPND sheet - Copy all the entries Paste the entries into Corp Drir Add Customer 0 to all the feilds. System ID (Copy one if it exists, if not leave blank and cross your fingers) When complete, save file as a csv file UCM Network Services - Corporate Directory Import then Upload.

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