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Sadie walks in, busts the guy for being married, and tells Collette that she would like to take her home instead. They drive back to a mansion and go upstairs to the bedroom.

Sadie commands Collette to strip all the way, but Collette only gets down to her panties, garter belt and nylons.

I know I've seen that part, even though I'm pretty confident I've never seen the full movie -- nothing else in your review sounds familiar.

Given that I think I've seen the only part that interests me, I'll probably give this film a miss.

In my artistic endeavors, I too have drawn naked or near naked adult-age babysitters victimized by fully clothed younger humans (or maybe they're midgets! They kidnap her and turn her into a vampire, giving her what they consider to be the gift of immortality.

That was the extent of my expectations, although I hoped since it was a vampire movie maybe there would be some sex-and-violence action. In a nutshell, what happens is this: Lucy Lui plays intrepid investigative reporter Sadie Blake, who stumbles onto a society of vampires.

Collette is hanging upside down in the shower, hands bound behind her back, ankles tied together, with tape over her mouth.

A creepy old guy rolls up in a wheelchair and eyes upside down and almost naked Collette and tells Sadie she did well.

It features extraordinary GIMP set ups but does not deliver. Probably nudity and bondage, since there was no sex to speak of in this version and I can't imagine they would add that to the "Rated" version. may be worth a look just on the basis of the topless inverted chicks alone.Our next good sequence of events tells the tale of Sadie's demise.She is kidnapped, hands bound behind her back, and tossed into a back seat. She is taken upstairs and plopped down on a plastic covered bed.Sadie asks for "the address," the guy puts her off, she insists, the guy gives her an address and Sadie walks out. Sadie walks back in and shoots the guy with a small crossbow.She releases the girl, tells her to find another line of work and never to tell anyone what happened to her. There's a lot of jumping back and forth in this movie, and the next good scene we get is Sadie, waking up dead in the morgue.

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