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Her experience was limited to letting a few of her dates feel her tits and one poorly planned romp, in the back seat of her boyfriend's car, that cost her, her virginity.

I was surfing the net one night, while Jen was out with her friends, and found a swingers chat room. He asked if my wife was a swinger and I admitted that to my dismay, she was not.

Taking Bill's advice, I held my ground and kept suggesting that if she loved me she would do it.

We discussed it for almost an hour, until I said, "I really want you to do this." My wife didn't say anything for a while but then said, "Only if it is someone we will never see again." Even though this was what I had been asking for, I was speechless; I didn't know what to say.

Bill said that he thought she was very beautiful and said he wished he could fuck her. Bill and I began to, jokingly, share ideas on how we might get our wives to try swinging.

I also knew that I had better take what I could get so I said to her, "You tell me what you are willing to try and we will do just that.This didn't change the fact that I continued to have my fantasy.One night while we were making love I worked up my courage and told my wife about my fantasy of seeing her with another man.I found myself getting excited as I described to him what my wife's body looked like and what I wanted her to do.Neither of us had nude pictures of our wife on line, but we exchanged clothed pictures of our wives.

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