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A typical episode begins with a crime, which is subsequently investigated by a team of FBI agents led by Don and mathematically modeled by Charlie, with the help of Larry Fleinhardt (Peter Mac Nicol) and Amita Ramanujan (Navi Rawat).

The insights provided by Charlie's mathematics were always in some way crucial to solving the crime.

In the season finale, Megan leaves the team to move back to Washington, D.

C., and Charlie goes head-to-head with Don about a case.

For example, in the episode "In Plain Sight" (2x8), one of the criminals is named Rolle and Charlie's father mentions a meeting with a man named Robert Peterson.

Season 1 The first season run of the show aired between January 23, 2005, and May 13, 2005, at p.m. It sees the start of the working relationship between Los Angeles' FBI department and Charlie Eppes.

Season One was a half-season, producing only 13 episodes.

Sabrina Lloyd played Terry Lake, an agent in this season; she was later replaced by Diane Farr, who played Megan Reeves.

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Amita receives an offer for an assistant professor position at Harvard University, but is plagued by doubt as her relationship with Charlie is challenged and her career is in upheaval.Brothers Ridley and Tony Scott produced Numb3rs; its production companies are the Scott brothers' Scott Free Productions, CBS Television Studios (originally Paramount Television, and later CBS Paramount Television).The show focuses equally on the relationships among Don Eppes, his brother Charlie Eppes, and their father, Alan Eppes (Judd Hirsch), and on the brothers' efforts to fight crime, normally in Los Angeles.The main FBI agents are Charlie's brother, Don Eppes, and Terry Lake, as well as David Sinclair.Don and Charlie's father, Alan Eppes, provides emotional support for the pair, while Professor Larry Fleinhardt and doctoral student Amita Ramanujan provide mathematical support and insights to Charlie.

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