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What are your short-term and long-term plans as Neoaphrodite ? Not sure about my long-term plans, but my short-term plans are to continue posting pictures and selling content!

I’d like to start camming more with my boyfriend and having more b/g stuff available.

When I’m alone, I tend to Netflixing, write, or just mess around on the internet. When I first started posting nudes, I really didn’t think I’d become as “Tumblr famous” as I did.

You are one of the most amazing busty girls on the internet. I was actually a late bloomer and really flat chested growing up, believe it or not. I Actually cammed on Chaturbate once with my friend Violet (check her out on Tumblr: and it was SUPER fun!

The best part is having a large audience to share pictures of myself that I like! I’ve used Tinder in the past and actually met my current boyfriend through it! And some quick questions about your favorites: A book: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

It’s so much more fun when there’s interaction with my pictures and me. I guess I’d describe myself as a very sexual person, but someone who can only fully tap into that when I’m in a long-term relationship. Money: Something I definitely do not have enough of. A movie: I’m not really a movie person, but I LOVED Moonlight. I love thick potato soups Sex position: Anything where I’m getting fucked from behind.

I think most of them would be surprised but supportive. I like watching pretty sports like figure skating or ballet.

As for my family, I think my mom would be skeptical and concerned with the risks but ultimately support me. Spit, swallow or facial: Whatever my partner wants.

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