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There is no intercourse that is happening within his work. We'd wake up and do meditation together in the morning; we were constantly exchanging our different viewpoints on life and spirituality and our body and our minds. It seems like the tension over who you'd choose was a little bit played up for the sake of television. And I don't know how to say it without going outside of my contract.

I'm a smaller woman and growing up I didn't have the "perfect body," and I know a lot of us struggle with this growing up. And I think that's exciting, because I think we're going to break some barriers. We're standing as two very strong, spiritual, individual people that are coming together as a representation of the balance and harmony that we need to have a little bit more of in this world. Initially I was nervous, and I think it's adorable to see myself going through this experience.

It's intense to be on film with your clothing on, let alone removing that. This is what you have to move you through this lifetime.

One of my guests, my really good girlfriend, she went through the same thing I went through the first time around … Before she removed her clothing, she said, "Ashley, how did you do this? Embrace everything about yourself." And she was scared. I've been running since I was younger; that's just my body type.

The series will explore the art of romance -- free of preconceived notions, stereotypes and, yes, clothing.

At the end of every hourlong episode, the two romance-seekers analyze what they've learned from their dates -- and themselves -- before deciding whether to move forward with their potential love matches.

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