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Any entries which failed validation can be reviewed in Oracle Receivables’ Auto Invoice Interface Exceptions window.

Depending on the error, changes may need to be made in Receivables, the feeder program or the imported records in the interface tables.

Each program will have unique nature of work to do and they are called internally except Purge program whose execution is derived on the setup otherwise ready to execute stand alone.

• Master (RAXMTR) • Import (RAXTRX) • Purge (RAXDEL) 1.

5- Primary Sales Representative Validation: Sales representative number to be hardcode to “-3” for “No Sales Credit.” 6- Term Name: Check if the Term name provided in the data file is defined in Payment terms (RA_TERMS) 7- Inventory Item Validation: Check if the Item provided in data file is defined in Inventory Items (MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS).

8- Unit of Measurement validation: Check if the UOM provided is defined in MTL_UNITS_OF_MEASURE Table 9- Invoice Tax Code Validation: Check if the Tax Code provided in data file is defined in AR_VAT_TAX_ALL_B Table.

• Batch_source_name • Set_of_books_id • Orig_sys_batch_name • orig_system_bill_customer_ref • orig_system_bill_address_ref • Line_Type • Currency_Code • Term_name • Transaction_type • Interface_line_attribute1-7 • Account_class • Accounting Flexfields segments 1- AR Transaction Type Validation: Check if the Transaction type provided in data file is defined in AR transaction types (RA_CUST_TRX_TYPES_ALL) 2- Transaction Batch Source Validation: Check if the source provided in data file is defined in AR transaction Batch source (RA_BATCH_SOURCES_ALL).The main three steps for AR Invoice Interface are: 1] Put the data into your staging tables.2] Call your package to validate the data and load into AR Interface tables (RA_INTERFACE_LINES_ALL & RA_INTERFACE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL).Auto Invoice Master program RAXMTR Selects and marks records in the interface tables to be processed based on the parameters the user entered and then calls the Auto Invoice Import program. •Gathers statistics, it means it gathers the stats on interface tables and set the stats on certain indices on interface tables •Marks interface records for processing by marking request_id •Submits multiple workers for Parallel Processing by creating instances for request. Auto Invoice Import Program Validates the selected record and creates transaction if it passes validation.Any record that fails validation is left in the interface table with an error code.

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