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Why don’t you get the office laptop and use it and let this be his completely ? She always liked to lighten things and find solutions. I held her tight and nuzzled my head into her bosom..“Maybe I should do that “ I replied By then I had calmed down and gave Jyoti a kiss. We held each other like that for a while and then we went on to shift the computer to Nikhil’s room We both were quite emotional and need for sex had reduced over the years.

And you know all his friends have their own computers. She was fair and slim but had meat at the right places. “Ok, lets give our son a surprise” I told Jyoti She looked at me puzzled “Lets move the computer to his room” I announced “Its only for him from now onwards” “You are such a sweet father,” she told me proudly “you are infact still a baby at heart” “Yesshhh I am a baeeby, your baby” I replied back in a babyish voice She walked over to me and gave me a hug.

Oh yes, I have had many dealings with Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers alike (perhaps that is where my secret obsession of all things scat comes from).

Be a sweet and loving baby, and I will be a sweet and loving phone sex mommy; be a naughty and obstinate baby, and I will show you no mercy as I bend you to my will.

Curious about what your phone sex Mommy and her “friend” do behind closed doors?

Maybe what you lust after, what you need, is to take what has been flaunted in front of you, taunting you, but always denied you. Even if that means that he’s really supposed to be a girl – nurturing the sissy, and yes, the sissy slut that I deem you to be.

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    The world is full of tricksters and scammers and you have to be careful about your own safety.