Mixed people dating

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On this scale, the Iranians would be 9 times more distant genetically from the English than the Danish, and the Japanese 59 times greater.

But choosing an English spouse over a Bantu, one yields a fitness gain of 92 percent....

The same applies in reverse order, so that a Bantu who chooses another Bantu instead of someone of English ethnicity has 92% more of his or her genes in offspring as a result.

An English Female and a Black (Bantu) Father: Using the genetic distance figures above, the distance even widens with a white-black relationship.

The English woman would be around 109 times more closely related to a Dane than to her black husband, and he would overwhelmingly be more closely related to his black co-ethnics than to his wife. Parents in mixed-race relationships are not only genetically dissimilar to each other but they also have a much greater genetic distance from potential mixed-race children than from same-race children.

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