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Dating milk bottles To the left is a 7, to the right is a 7, and a 4 on the bottom.Those caballeros of decoratively designed bottles were often saved and re-used as decanters or vases.I found a quart Absolutely Pure Milk bottle on our property in Colorado. There is no valve/ejection mark and no factory marking on the bottom.Nor is there a capacity or volume of contents marked on the bottle. For example, there is a big space between the letters l and u in the word Absolutely.With most families having only one vehicle, women did not have immediate access to grocery stores or other shopping venues.This led to home deliveries of bread, milk and other necessities.Yes, delivery men from companies such as Jewel T, Omar Bread, Ucker Dairy, Buckeye Potato Chips and the Fuller Brush Co.knocked on doors throughout the neighborhood selling their goods and wares on a daily basis.

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Just as a very general date range, I would say they are definitely more anon seen on glass made before about If you wish, please send a clear pic of the bottle and the base dating milk bottles to my email address which is listed on the bottom right corner of any page on this site. It is true that the mold seams can be used like a thermometer to determine the approximate age of a bottle.

T, vaguely resembling an anchor with horizontal upper stroke, with smaller, angular M and C nestled underneath to the left and right.

It was made in Alton, Ill, and it bears the diamond O-I trademark.

Before 1878, milk men filled jugs or other containers for their customers from churns and made deliveries in horse-drawn wagons or carts. is credited as the first factory to produce milk bottles; and the first patent for a milk container, the Lester Milk Jar, was granted in 1878. Whiteman who has gained notoriety for having the first patented “glass” milk bottle with a small glass lid and tin clip (granted March 23, 1880).

His brother, Abram Whiteman, also was granted a patent in 1884 for a glass milk bottle with a dome-type tin cap.

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