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Denial of the true inner being, or sexual guilt Affirmation: I am Divine, Magnificent expression of Life.

ALCOHOLISM / ABUSE: Futility, guilt, inadequacy, self-rejection Affirmation: I live in the now.

IMPOTENCE: Sexual guilt or pressure, feeling spite against a previous mate Affirmation: I now allow the full power of my sexuality to flow with ease and with joy INDIGESTION: Dread or anxiety about a recent or coming event Affirmation: I digest and assimilate all new experiences peacefully and joyously INFECTION: Irritation, anger or annoyance about a recent situation.

Affirmation: I dissolve all past problems with ease.

I see that clearly EYE (Nearsighted): Fear of the future. Affirmation: I am secure FLU: Responding to mass negativity. Affirmation: I am beyond group beliefs or the calendar. GAS PAIN (Flatulence): Undigested ideas or concerns.

Affirmation: I am deeply centered and at peace with life. EYES (Cataracts): Inability to see ahead with joy Affirmation: Life is eternal and filled with Joy EYE PROBLEMS: (Children): Fear of the present Affirmation: I am safe in the hear and now. Affirmation: My mind is at peace FINGER (Index): Fear of authority, or egotistical; abusing your authority.

Affirmation: The movies of my mind are beautiful because i choose to make them so. CYSTIC FIBROSIS: A thick belief that life won't work for you. GRAY HAIR: Stress, feeling under pressure and strain. HEART ATTACK: I bring joy back to the center of my heart.

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BED-WETTING: Every experience is perfect for our growth process. BLACKHEADS (Pimples): Feeling Dirty & Unloved Affirmation: I love & approve of myself . BLADDER PROBLEMS: I take in & give out nourishment in perfect balance. Affirmation: I experience peace and harmony within myself and all around me.

Affirmation : I lovingly hold & embrace my experiences with ease & joy.

ARM PROBLEMS: Represent the capacity & ability to hold the experience of life. ARTHRITIS: Feeling unloved, criticism, resentment, bitterness.

ALLERGY & HAY-FEVER: You are allergic to someone who or yourself denies your power.

Affirmation: I love and approve of myself and I trust in the process of life.

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