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That is what I asked the VA to do 10 years ago when processing my disability claim.

In reality, the VA disability claims process is very complex and time consuming for the veteran and the Dept of Veterans Affairs. This is your job if you choose to take it, or you’ll be older and fatter still fighting the good fight, like me. For disabled veterans with copies of their SMRs, you should get moving.

Mail in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Once you have the chance to review the documents, you can begin your own research.

[kudanileads_on_click_intent optin_id=optin_4] [/kudanileads_on_click_intent] Research every disability or condition you have within your medical records (about the possible presumptive conditions that show up within one year – bring these up too).

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You do not need to seek medical attention for every issue in order to document it. But always remember, the condition needs to be currently impacting you in order to count. On that note, I would question anyone claiming ” too, given that the government takes an unjustified position in 70 percent of veterans denials. If the VSO feels confident that you’re ready to go, go for it.

Decide where you currently fall into the rating schedule.

Then, you can Google the condition on either regular Google or Google Scholar.

For example, click here on the blue text to see what the provides about this process.

It’s a little vague and explains why so many websites are espousing advice. Here’s a continuance of my own little story for service connection for the following: Sleep Apnea secondary to Sinusitis and Allergic Rhinitis.

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