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To ensure that WMP Network Sharing Service is stopped, give the following command: net stop wmpnetworksvc The service is most probably not running but if it is, it will now be stopped. When finally at Windows Desktop, you will notice that the main profile folder and your user account in it have been moved to drive D: (or any other drive you selected): Do not proceed before creating a system image!

Sysprepping an existing installation with an OEM pre-installed Windows is risky.

In Audit Mode you can do this for instance with Disk Management by manually changing the drive letters.

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Version 1703 (build 15063 and later), do not disable / deactivate existing user accounts as hown in video!If you decide to try it and it fails and you post about it, I will remind you about this warning asking you to restore the system image you made before proceeding.Short: Relocating Users folder with Sysprep should only be done on new, clean installs!Trying this Method Two, relocating Users on an existing installation might force you to do a complete reinstall or restore your PC to factory state.With Windows 10 version 1703 and later you do not have to disable existing users as shown in video!

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