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Miriam gave birth to Yeshua, whose name later depreciated to Yeshu.

When old enough, she took him to study the Jewish tradition.

In the two centuries after Luther, the Toledot reached the height of its fame and was well sought after by scholars and travelers alike.

In 1681 Professor Johannes Christoph Wagenseil published an entire volume devoted to refuting the Toledot.

But they also show a paradoxical respect for Jesus.

It did not cast aspersions on the characters of Mary and Jesus, instead it sought to undermine the tenets of the Christian faith.One day he walked with his head uncovered, showing disrespect, in front of the sages.This betrayed his illegitimacy and Miriam admitted him as Pandera’s son. Yeshu later went to the Jerusalem Temple and learned the letters of God’s ineffable name (one could do anything desired by them).The goal was to seek the return of apostates to the Jewish fold.To Tartakoff it seems that the Toledot may have been modified by Jews to fit into specific situations.[This booklet] should be shown only to people of discretion, for one never knows what the morrow may bring. I copied it from three different pamphlets from three different countries, not just one, The contents of all these pamphlets were identical, except that I wrote it in the language of prudence [- namely, Hebrew, because Gentiles do not understand it].

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