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Day 10Húsavík is globally recognised as one of the best locations in the world to watch whales.

After visiting the Húsavík Whale Museum, we take a boat trip with the hope of spotting various species of whales and dolphins.

Spend this afternoon on a walking tour across the lava fields of Eldfell, the 'mountain of fire', or visit the island's sheer cliffs and puffin colonies with opportunities to view the surrounding archipelagos, volcanoes and Heimaey’s Norwegian heritage, or you can circumnavigate the island by boat.

Day 7Relax in the healing, tranquil waters of the Blue Lagoon; or discover Reykjavik's culture on a sightseeing tour that includes the Árbær open-air museum and National Museum, which preserve ‘old Reykjavik’ from the time it was a pioneering settlement.

OAE 1a oxygen and pelagic carbonate factory crises are here suggested to have been step-wise and linked to global warming conditions.

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Day 13Discover Neolithic treasures, passing the Standing Stones of Stenness, to stop at the Ring of Brodgar - a huge ceremonial circle of stones dating back almost 5,000 years - before continuing to Skara Brae, the remarkably well-preserved village which was roughly occupied from 3180-2500 BC.

Discover the varied history of the Danish Faroe Islands from their compact, friendly capital, Tórshavn.

And back on our own island, explore historical Edinburgh or Stirling’s grand castle.

Day 8Take a tour of Iceland’s isolated Westfjords for a comprehensive view of life and culture in the region, emphasising the human struggle to survive here with visits to the Bolungarvík and Ósvör Fisherman’s Hut and the Maritime Museum.

Day 9Discover the picturesque coastline of Eyjafjörður Fjord, Goðafoss Waterfall, Lake Mývatn, the bubbling mud-pots and fumaroles of Námaskarð, and the dramatic landscape of Dimmuborgir, an inspiration for many Icelandic folktales.

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