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I narrowed my choices down to , which offered the cheapest rate I had found so far.

In the end, I found myself in one of the non air-conditioned rooms with common bath and toilet at Mercedes Country lodge.

i BET recently received the visit of Prof Maria do Céu Machado and Prof Rui Ivo, President and Vice-President of Infarmed.

An initiative of Bayer Portugal to show the research work at Bayer's satellite lab at i BET.

I was actually hoping to get some information on how to go to , a mountainous area that features the picturesque Botong Twin Falls, scenic walking trails and several lakes.

Unfortunately, the person in charge at the tourism office was on leave, and she was the only one with the contact numbers of those who arrange for guides and pick-ups of guests.

Longing for some decent sleep, at least in bed this time, I trudged with my heavy pack – now filled with wet clothes – to the nearest computer shop to search for a place to crash for the night.

The photo of the Bells ringing in the New Year was one of dozens contributed by fans to an Art Bell online forum since Ramona's death.

As befitting a host who became famous for covering paranormal subjects, Bell once claimed to have seen a UFO while driving with his wife, according to a July 13, 1998, Newsweek article: Four years ago he and Ramona were driving around 2 am.

Water from the shore to the islet is ankle to knee deep at low tide.

Past lunchtime, after wandering around the city, I decided to just revisit the nearby beaches and resorts along the coast of after.

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