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There was also a Saxon Palace (position not known).International trade through this port would have been mainly sheep's wool and woollen clothes for which Britain was famous.The next 100 years saw many changes in London which stood at the hub of the three divisions of England.Saxon southern England or Wessex, all areas south of a line through the current M4 and including Kent but excluding Cornwall which remained unconquered and Celtish.Before the Romans arrived some 2000 years ago there is no evidence of London existing as any sort of thriving town or village.When the Romans arrived they quickly chose the London area as the HQ for all activities in their new island colony perhaps because the area between present day Cannon Street Station and the Tower of London, on the north bank of the River Thames made an ideal port and with quick access to high ground. In addition, at this point two smaller rivers join the Thames from the north providing easy access to extra clean drinking water and additional defence from attackers.Being basically rural peoples they had no use for towns and London was abandoned.The Saxons chose Winchester just north of present day Southampton as their base.

Hence the area north of the Thames was approximately ½ mile north south and just over a mile east west.Starting in the west at present day Blackfriars Bridge walk north only about 200 yards to "Ludgate" (now Ludgate circus).Continue north up Farringdon road and stop under Holborn Viaduct which used to be the junction with Newgate Street.The containers would have been the typical earthenware jars of the day called Amphorae.They also imported bronze ornaments, pottery, glass and millstones.

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    C., and a daughter Christina who will be Commissioned as an Army Captain and begin her service as an Army surgeon at Fort Gordon, GA.