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Identity Force will monitor court records, blogs, databases, and websites for your personal information.Services also include change-of-address monitoring, Social Security number tracking, and medical identity theft protection.Identity Force also offers a mobile app, which makes it even easier for customers to manage their accounts and see alerts.Although it isn’t the only issue to consider, financial loss is one of the major concerns associated with identity theft.Identity Force offers two plans, but you’ll get customizable banking and credit card alerts with the base plan even if you don’t sign up for the package that includes credit monitoring.This means you can receive a notification if a transaction, withdrawal, or balance transfer exceeds a certain amount you set.

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We were impressed with the wide range of monitoring services available because monitoring all these things separately would be impractical and difficult to do efficiently on your own.Identity Force also offers monitored family plans, but we should note that you have to talk to a customer service rep over the phone to access them.Unfortunately, family plans aren’t available online yet.The company also responds quickly to consumers on social media and on sites like the Better Business Bureau.While we believe having positive interactions with company representatives is an important part of customer service, we also appreciate companies that make it easy to handle issues on your own.

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