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It is not focused on a specific medium, generation or geographical area.The Collection is an evolving archive of forms and concepts.Isa Genzken’s capture the constant news stories and dramas of 1970s colour television sets.

refers to parts of the radio spectrum with wavelengths longer than what was originally called the medium-wave broadcasting band.Poor old Will Leahy - his native Limerick win the hurling All-Ireland for the first time in 45 years and he can't take up the offer of DJing the homecoming because he's in Tralee, doing annual Rose of...The other day I watched the sci-fi movie Gattaca for the first time since its release in 1997.Each of the works in a collection, like the testimonies compiled by Von Senden, speak of personal experiences and moments. MOSTYN presents international art and culture of our time, activating people’s lives through exhibitions, cultural programmes and commercial accompanied by a new publication with responses to the project from writers Orit Gat, Claire Potter and Sally O’Reilly and artists David Birkin, Jason Dodge, Marine Hugonnier, Marlie Mul, Magali Reus and Douglas White (download free PDF version at top of page). Situated in the coastal town of Llandudno, it is Wales’ foremost contemporary gallery and visual arts centre, serving as a place to form and share new perspectives through artistic/curatorial practice and audience engagement.

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