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Lauren seamlessly transitioned to films by co-starring in Terry Zwigoff’s film Art School Confidential for Sony Classics, opposite Max Minghella.From there Lauren Lee co-starred as Casey Affleck’s partner in The Last Kiss, directed by Tony Goldwyn.) According to CBS, “she has always been fascinated by the perverse underbelly of society and cannot be shocked or intimidated.” Perverse underbelly of society?

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See full summary » Brooklyn flies home to surprise her boyfriend on his birthday, but when she gets to his apartment, instead of waiting for him to return home from work, she removes all traces of her arrival... " Five high school students at a boarding school encounter alien abduction and realize that there are some malicious aliens hiding in the school... See full summary » In 24 short hours, Jack goes to prison for five years.

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She has also guest-starred in episodes of Dead Zone, The Twilight Zone, and Blade: The Series, among others.

Smith was also a recurring character in the Showtime drama series The L Word, playing Sous-chef Lara Perkins.

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