Laurel holloman dating

An openly bisexual woman off-screen, Holloman’s character started out four seasons ago as half of gyno-America’s most popular couple and has gone through a grueling couple of years playing, in successions, a stay-at-home wife, doormat, cockled lover, a confused lesbian or reluctant bisexual (depending on who you ask), die-hard friend, single mom, entertainment mogul and, possibly now, forlorn lesbian ex. For Holloman, whose sweetness hides a wickedly fun underbelly, that’s all a part of the ride.

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According to the docs, Laurel gets the house (mortgage included).So part of that is like at some point Tina needed to go off and be alone which she eventually she does when she ended it with Henry. And these are some of the issues she had with Bette.But part of what I found really interesting is what Ilene said is that it’s interesting when you look at Tina when she actually was with Henry. And in some ways she ends up with a guy, and she kind of fleshes out some of the things she needed to get done, like she needed to feel good about her career, where she was going and her parenting.She felt that since Tina’s history was that she had been engaged to a man when she met Bette, that possibly she was bisexual.Another thing that she said that did make sense to me was that she saw and kind of what you see is that Tina had a lot of codependent behavior.

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