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Being one of the most common way of commuting, bike riding is also a passion for people all over the world.

And, we cannot skip Hollywood celebrities who loving riding their expensive bikes on the streets and even on highways.

Fortunately, Easter and Passover probably helped keep the GBH list at a reasonable level.

That's not to say the hotel lobby wasn’t teeming with people, but, unlike Peaches’ DJ set a few weeks back, Lady Sovereign’s record release show was significantly less intense. Coat check was a breeze, restroom lines were nearly nonexistent and one needn’t have fought tooth and nail to arrive stage-side.

But due to illness, apparently brought on by extensive touring and promotional duties, the dates have been cancelled and will be rescheduled at some point in the near future.

The cancelled dates are as follows: APRIL 13th - London, Koko 14th - Bristol, Ansom Rooms 16th - Norwich, Waterfront 17th - Manchester, Academy 2 Ticket-holders should contact the venue for refunding details.

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Considering Saturday night’s lineup, it’s surprising the Tribeca Grand didn’t draw a more menacing crowd.”) and electric guitar riffs punctuated throughout, Sov paced the stage and served this one up piping hot. I completely go for it.” I couldn’t agree more and, while isn’t exactly on the fast path to album of the year, I’ll be damned if shorty doesn’t bring it when she gets on the mic.Speaking of piping hot, I was hoping to hear her goofy “Food Play,” but, alas, she skipped it and instead busted out her cheeky take on The Cure’s “Close to Me” sample: “So Human.” The audience ate it up. Sov rounded it out with the choppy, punchy and aggressive “Public Warning,” a rap ballad plucked from, you guessed it, .I was just stoked to see her three times in one weekend, jump-starting her stay in New York by attending PAPER's Beautiful People Party at Hiro Ballroom Thursday night. Coin Week reports about a gold sovereign dating from the reign of Mary I, that was minted in 1553 that was sold at auction last week.

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