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As one college friend told CNN ahead of the royal wedding, Prince William and Kate Middleton were able to begin courting without the public knowing because of a media blackout that was in place.It also allowed for Prince William to attend school and walk around town as though he was your average everyday college student.But by royal family standards, Kate Middleton was over the hill.At 29-years-old, seemingly-youthful Kate was the oldest bride to marry a king-in-waiting.Although, the two were already an item long before this living arrangement.

The dates of Prince William’s trip to Africa have not yet been announced by Buckingham Palace.

Just about everything the couple does nowadays is under a public magnifying glass.

But when they met in college, they were able to begin dating secretly.

Avid fans of the royals surely know about when the young duo broke up for a brief stint in 2007.

So brief, even, that it didn’t last more than a few months.

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