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"When the photos were published Alan went mad saying Nadia had taken advantage."After that row, the sisters then began arguing about Alan.The pal said: "Everyone hoped that when Nadia's daughter Maddie was born on Christmas Day the girls would bury the hatchet. "It's tearing Julia apart that she hasn't seen her niece. Until this row is sorted, it's highly likely Julia will never set eyes on Maddie." ITV1's Loose Women host Nadia admits to a complex relationship with Julia, 34 - who played downtrodden Saffy in Ab Fab.She was a comfort after Nadia's first husband, Justin Mildwater, hanged himself in 1997."We have fought before but this is more long term than all the other rows we've had."Julia still hasn't seen my daughter Maddie." At the centre of the row is Julia's lover - Jonathan Creek favourite Alan Davies, 37.Nadia once said: "We're so similar in so many ways and yet complete opposites in others."I love her dearly but sometimes I don't like her very much.

A family friend said: "It's all so heartbreaking for Nadim and Bobbie.At least we've stopped smashing each other in the face, which is how we used to fight." Nadia and Julia were so close they lived just yards away from each other in Upper Norbury, South London.The only house that separated them belongs to their dad, Jordanian-born actor Nadim Sawalha, and mum Bobbie.Byline: NEIL Mc LEOD WARRING telly sisters Julia and Nadia Sawalha are locked in a blistering feud that threatens to drive them apart forever, The People can reveal.They haven't spoken to each other for nearly a year - and Absolutely Fabulous star Julia hasn't even seen former East Ender Nadia's six-month-old baby.

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